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June 30, 2015

A school that sparkles! We just added 15,000 new Pacific sardines to our Open Sea exhibit! Like synchronized swimmers, sardines in a school move together as one. This communal lifestyle's good for these small fish. When predators come near, there's safety in numbers.

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June 23, 2015

The ocean's jet-propelled diver! A chambered nautilus swims using jet propulsion—it expels water from its mantle cavity through a siphon located near its head. By adjusting the direction of the siphon, it can swim forward, backward or sideways. To avoid predators by day, it lingers along deep reef slopes as deep as 2,000 feet. At night, it migrates to shallower waters and cruises the reefs, trailing its tentacles in search of food. Visit Tentacles to see this cool animal for yourself!

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June 9, 2015

Meet the mesmerizing crown jelly! This otherworldly animal is unlike any other jelly species here at the Aquarium—its bell is covered with spikes. Thanks to a two-year husbandry effort by Senior Aquarist Wyatt Patry, our institution is the first to successfully raise these jellies from polyps to adulthood. See them on exhibit now in The Jellies Experience.

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June 4, 2015

Humpback whales have arrived in Monterey Bay! We've got the best seats in the house—these graceful giants have been breaching, spouting and feeding just off our decks! These massive mammals use air bubbles to herd and corral schools of fish and krill, swimming through with their mouths open. A single whale can consume up to 3,000 pounds per day!

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May 27, 2015

Look into the life of a big skate! While most sharks give birth to live young, the big skate lays eggs, depositing them into a sac that's sometimes called a "mermaid's purse." Our clever aquarists have gently replaced a portion of one wall with a window, so you can see two live, viable embryos inside the egg case. Head to our Monterey Bay Habitats exhibit to take a peek at these developing baby skates!

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May 20, 2015

It's glow time! Under the right light, elegant jellies radiate a bright green glow. Their bells contain fluorescent molecules that are excited when lit by certain wavelengths, much like a black-light poster. Scientists aren't sure what makes them fluoresce in the wild—one guess is the light from a full moon! See these beauties now in The Jellies Experience.

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May 19, 2015

Eight arms, hundreds of disguises. The mimic octopus shifts shape and color to imitate more intimidating animals, fanning arms out like a lethal lionfish or slithering like a sea snake. You can meet this mimicry master in our Tentacles special exhibition!

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May 16, 2015

Welcome to two new penguin chicks! We're proud to announce that two African blackfooted penguin chicks recently hatched at the Aquarium! Chick One hatched on May 7 to parents Karoo and Messina. Chick Two hatched the following day, May 8, to Bee and Geyser, but is in a nest with experienced surrogate parents Boulders and Walvis. Both are in our Splash Zone exhibit!

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