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November 21, 2014

X marks the spot! As you might guess, the cross jelly (Mitrocoma cellularia) is named for the four white canals that meet near the gut in the middle of the jelly's bell. Recent studies suggest that this jelly might "smell" food in the water and move toward it. You can check out these cool creatures for yourself in The Jellies Experience.

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November 6, 2014

Welcome, new loggerhead hatchling! After releasing our young loggerhead turtle into the Atlantic yesterday, we've got yet another hatchling to raise here at the Aquarium in our Open Sea gallery and prepare for release into the wild. Rescued two months ago in North Carolina, our new loggerhead weighs just over two ounces and is only about three inches long.

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November 5, 2014

Bon voyage, young turtle! The little loggerhead that's been growing up in our Open Sea gallery flew east on November 3 and was released into the Atlantic Ocean today, 30 miles off Beaufort, North Carolina. Our little loggerhead, "Monterey," was one of 60 rescued turtles released thanks to the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.

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October 28, 2014

One of our hammerhead sharks is a world record holder! A recent Australian study profiled successes in the care of hammerheads, and our female shark is the longest (eight feet) and oldest (12 years) of her species on exhibit worldwide. When this shark arrived from Hawaii as pup in 2002, she was just 21 inches!

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October 15, 2014

They grow up so fast! Our common murre chicks are developing quickly behind the scenes, and we've even started training sessions. The male chick is very social and likes to pull on the staff's waders during cleaning! They hatched in late August and should be on exhibit soon in the Open Sea.

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