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May 23, 2016

Let's shellebrate World Turtle Day! Just outside the Splash Zone exhibit in our Coastal Stream you'll find the beautiful Western pond turtle. These shy turtles live in ponds, lakes, streams and wetlands and can be found in Washington, Oregon, California and Baja California. While they can live to be 50 years old, these turtles are considered a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

May 16, 2016

Our common cuttlefish are anything but ordinary! These cephalopods can change their skin color and pattern almost instantly. They use their skin to communicate by flashing stripes and patches of color to convey threats or courtship messages. Like their octopus kin, cuttlefish also use camouflage to hide from enemies. Visit our Tentacles special exhibition to check out these masters of disguise.

May 11, 2016

Say hello to my little friends! The staghorn hermit crab (Manucomplanus varians) rolls with a deep entourage of stinging hydrocoral. Everyone benefits: the hydrocoral gets to travel around and filter feed on plankton, while the crab knows its bodyguards always have its back. Check out this crab for yourself in our special exhibition, ¡Viva Baja! Life on the Edge.

May 2, 2016

Summer wardrobe change! Our tufted puffins now have their summer breeding plumage. Summer fashion for tufted puffins includes bright orange bill plates and feet, a white "mask" across the eyes and, of course, golden "tufts" of feathers on the head. Visit our Open Sea wing to admire their new look yourself.

April 28, 2016

Meet the sandbar shark! This elegant elasmobranch, easily recognized by its distinctly large dorsal fin, can often be found scouting sandy or muddy near-coastal areas for fish and invertebrates to snack on. The Aquarium's resident sandbar shark in our vast Open Sea exhibit made a surprising journey to us here at the Aquarium—via airplane from Hawaii!

April 15, 2016

Meet our newest penguin, Amigo! This three-and-a-half-month-old penguin chick hatched at the Aquarium on January 19, weighing a mere 2.5 ounces (70 g). Raised mostly behind the scenes, he's now almost 7 pounds (3 kg) and making his debut in our African penguin colony! Like all our penguins, Amigo is part of the AZA Species Survival Plan for endangered African penguins.

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March 21, 2016

Here in California we have one lone, proud species of seahorse—the Pacific seahorse! These colorful fish (yes, they're fish!) range from San Diego down to Peru, although warming waters have increased sightings up along the coast of California. You can have your own Pacific seahorse sighting when you visit our new special exhibition, ¡Viva Baja! Life on the Edge.

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