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Watch our aviary cam carefully—you never know who'll stroll by.

Marvel at the long legs of our black-necked stilt or spot the tiny western snowy plovers that blend into the sand.

Look for leg bands on our birds, which help us identify them. Each bird has its own history—most came here injured and can't live in the wild.

Don't Miss

Coming from PBS and BBC this Month: Big Blue Live

Experience one of nature's great reality shows this summer when PBS and BBC broadcast a three-part television event live from Monterey Bay! Big Blue Live will be anchored from open-air studios on the bay and right here at the Aquarium. It airs on PBS beginning August 31.

Stay Cool with Our Ice Jellies

In a flurry of silvery and snowy white, our new ice jellies (Rhopilema asamushi) are something to behold. This is the first time we've exhibited this species—make sure to see these beauties in The Jellies Experience before it closes September 7!

Saving Snowy Plovers

The Aquarium works hard to make a difference in the threatened western snowy plover population. As one of the main rehabilitation sites for shorebirds in northern California, we rescue injured adults, injured chicks and abandoned eggs.

Take a Virtual Tour of Our Aviary

Want a preview of our Aviary and other exhibits? Now you can get one with Google Maps Street View. With just a few clicks you can go on a virtual Aquarium visit and stroll inside through our exhibit galleries or outside on our decks—all from the comfort of your computer.

View Our Sandy Shore & Aviary Curriculum

Our standards-based curriculum has been developed to provide educators with easy-to-use, Aquarium-centered science activities for the classroom.