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Our Monterey Bay cam offers a peek from the Aquarium's ocean-view decks.

From this vantage point, you can identify a number of the birds and sea mammals that find refuge here. Look for black cormorants perched on a rock, perhaps stretching their wings to dry. Watch the water's surface; you might see a harbor seal poke its head out of the water, or a sea otter wrapped in kelp.

Monterey Bay is part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, a federally protected marine area offshore of California's central coast. This safe haven is home to a rich variety of fishes, plants, marine mammals and birds.

Don't Miss

Coming from PBS and BBC this August: Big Blue Live

Experience one of nature's great reality shows this summer when PBS and BBC broadcast a three-part television event live from Monterey Bay! Big Blue Live will be anchored from open-air studios on the bay and right here at the Aquarium. It airs on PBS beginning August 31.

Look into the Life of a Big Skate

Take a peek! Our clever aquarists have surgically inserted a window into this big skate egg case, where you can see two live, viable embryos inside. These skates can grow to eight feet! You can find the egg case in our Monterey Bay Habitats exhibit.

Jump for Joy over Humpbacks

We've been seeing loads of humpback whales off our ocean-view decks. These mega-mammals are on the hunt for schools of fish and krill, which they round up by blowing bubbles!

Take a Virtual Tour

What's it like to see the bay from the Aquarium's ocean-view decks? Find out now with Google Maps Street View. In just a few clicks you can get a 360-degree look from outside the Aquarium, then head inside and stroll through our exhibit galleries.

View Our Life on the Bay Curriculum

Our standards-based curriculum has been developed to provide educators with easy-to-use, Aquarium-centered science activities for the classroom.