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Live Web Cam: 7 a.m.–7 p.m. Pacific Time
Today's Feeding Times: 11 a.m.

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Look into a mysterious, mesmerizing world where life looms large.

You'll see giant bluefin tuna power their way through the water, while hammerhead sharks, pelagic rays and giant green sea turtles swim just inches away.

The stunning one-million-gallon exhibit is home to one of the most diverse communities of open-ocean animals to be found in any aquarium.

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The Seafood Watch App Just Got Better!

We've redesigned the Seafood Watch app making it easier than ever to get the latest recommendations for seafood and sushi, learn more about the seafood you eat, and locate or share businesses that serve sustainable seafood. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Scramble to See Our Egg-Yolk Jellies

We recently added the egg-yolk jelly to our Open Sea galleries. This jelly serves as food for many hungry animals, including sea turtles, fishes and birds. It finds its own meal by using its mass of tentacles to capture other jellies that swim into them with a mild sting.

Now Playing: Our New Live Jelly Cam

You can now enjoy the beautiful sea nettles in our Open Sea exhibit wherever you are! Our new live Jelly Cam gives you an intimate view of these delicate drifters as they pulse through the water. Prepare to be mesmerized.

Revealing Tuna Secrets

Our Tuna Research and Conservation Center, a partnership with Stanford University, is achieving unprecedented insight into the lives of bluefin tuna. 

View Our Open Sea Curriculum

Our standards-based curriculum has been developed to provide educators with easy-to-use, Aquarium-centered science activities for the classroom.