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Our energetic and inquisitive African blackfooted penguins are visitor favorites.

Watch carefully and you might even see them communicating with each other. When penguins flap their wings or bow their heads, they're telling each other how they feel. Throwing their heads back and wings out means "I'm happy." Leaning forward and opening their beaks means "Go away."

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See Corals Light Up Our Exhibit

Tropical coral reefs are known for their vivid color palettes—and the display doesn't stop when the sun goes down. When the light is just right, special proteins cause corals to fluoresce in neon patterns. Visit The Jellies Experience to experience the light show for yourself.

Now Playing: Our New Live Jelly Cam

You can now enjoy the beautiful sea nettles in our Open Sea exhibit wherever you are! Our new live Jelly Cam gives you an intimate view of these delicate drifters as they pulse through the water. Prepare to be mesmerized.

Check Out Tentacles!

Explore a dozen live exhibits of octopuses and their kin, including the world's largest octopus and the world's smallest squid, in our special exhibition, Tentacles: The Astounding Lives of Octopuses, Squid and Cuttlefishes. You won't believe your eyes.

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View Our Splash Zone & Penguins Curriculum

Our standards-based curriculum has been developed to provide educators with easy-to-use, Aquarium-centered science activities for the classroom.