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The ocean sustains all life on Earth. From the air we breathe to the seafood we eat, our very survival depends on healthy seas. The Aquarium’s Conservation and Science programs are tackling some of the most critical issues affecting ocean health. We bring decades of expertise and relationships in ocean science, policy and markets to the task.

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The Future of Bluefin Tunas

March 28, 2015

Bluefin tunas are apex ocean predators—fishes that are biologically, economically and culturally significant at a global scale. They're also in trouble worldwide.

Over the last 20 years, scientists have made important advances in our understanding of Atlantic, Pacific and Southern bluefin tunas, but each species has critical, unresolved research and management challenges that need innovative solutions.

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We're working hard every day to protect the ocean and the animals that call it home for future generations.

Our conservation research informs sound ocean policy decisions, our fieldwork is unlocking the secrets of threatened animals like sea otters and great white sharks and we're the recognized leader in the global sustainable seafood movement. Support from our donors makes this critical work possible. Our lives depend on a future with a healthy, vibrant ocean—please join us today.

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