Through our ocean conservation policy initiatives, the Aquarium works to inspire action for conservation of the oceans, striving to empower individuals, influence policy and contribute to the protection of the oceans for future generations. We measure our success by the tangible conservation outcomes we achieve on behalf of the Aquarium, through new laws, policies and other types of governmental action.

Humpback whale lunge-feeding at sunset with gulls

We're focusing on four key long-term objectives to help us achieve our ocean policy goals and to realize our vision for a future with healthy oceans:

  • A productive network of marine protected areas that provide a safe haven for wildlife and strengthen the productivity and resiliency of California's coastal ocean.
  • Abundant marine wildlife off the California coast, throughout the Pacific and around the planet.
  • Effective and lasting government systems in place to manage human activities in a way that promotes both economic and ecosystem health.
  • Policies that advance the Aquarium's sustainable seafood goals, including sustainable aquaculture standards.