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Summit Kickoff
October 9–10, 2015

Mid-year Check-in
February 6, 2016

Final Project Symposium
April 30–May 1, 2016

About the Program

Do you live like you love the ocean? Are you ready to help your students live like they love the ocean? Join us for an action-based summit that prepares and motivates teachers to be part of the plastic pollution solution!

Each day, we throw away about 300 million tons of petroleum-based plastic bottles, bags, utensils, packaging and other so-called disposable items. Ironically, these disposable plastics will persist in the environment and travel throughout the global food web virtually forever.

This three-part summit is designed for full-time classroom teachers who are ready to go in-depth into plastic pollution issues and solutions with their students. Sessions will focus on content background into the science behind plastics issues, project ideas for the classroom and networking opportunities.



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