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Julie Packard

Julie Packard

The waters that touch our back deck reach around the world. That's why we are more active than ever in the global arena—and making real progress to address threats that face the ocean. Your generosity makes it all possible. Because of you, we're making a difference.

Millions of people who draw inspiration from an Aquarium visit look to us to be a voice for the ocean and its wildlife. To be effective, we're expanding the science that is the foundation of our work, and building deep expertise in ocean policy. We’re partnering with businesses to end overfishing and rebuild ocean health. And, we're mobilizing the public around stories of ocean conservation—both the urgent needs and the victories we're achieving. Read more about our ocean conservation work in our 2017 Conservation & Science Annual Report.

We had much to celebrate in 2017: a first-ever commitment to a science-based recovery plan for Pacific bluefin tuna; a new Aquarium Conservation Partnership that is generating public awareness and market-based solutions to ocean plastic pollution; and growing international recognition for our sustainable seafood leadership.

Our Bechtel Family Center for Ocean Education and Leadership is progressing, so we can serve more young people—our future ocean leaders. And we're building an expanded Animal Care Center for ocean wildlife.

All of these initiatives are extending our impact far beyond the Aquarium in both space and time. Our team is energized and excited to lead the way. We couldn't do it without your support. From all of us—thank you!


Stephen C. Neal

Young people are such an inspiration. Their enthusiasm when they visit the Aquarium is infectious. Many of them are inspired by their experiences here to become active in protecting the ocean—and they're succeeding. Teen Conservation Leader Shelby O’Neil was inspired to create her own organization, Jr Ocean Guardians, and to champion what's grown into an international campaign to reduce single-use plastic, starting with disposable plastic straws. Her No Straw November movement has won support from the California Coastal Commission, and many municipalities and celebrities. She was even invited to speak at the annual Dreamforce IT conference in San Francisco.

We're committed to providing the inspiration—and the tools—to support young ocean leaders like Shelby. Our new Bechtel Family Center for Ocean Education and Leadership will enable us to have a deeper impact on more of the schoolchildren who visit the Aquarium each year. We'll give more teachers the foundation to bring ecosystem-based learning to their classrooms, and more teens the opportunities and support to become science-literate, confident advocates for the natural world.

The Board of Trustees is so grateful for your support of this vision. Thank you for making it possible.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Board Members
Back row, left to right: Samantha Campbell, Christopher Scholin, Stephen C. Neal, Julie Packard, Peter S. Bing, Gideon Yu, Pietro Parravano, William Landreth
Front row, left to right: Caroline Getty, Margaret Caldwell, Michael A. Mantell, M.R.C. Greenwood, Joan Lane, Susan Bell, Connie Martinez, Mark Wan

Annual Review 2017 (PDF)

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