Building for the Future

Our Bechtel Family Center for Ocean Education and Leadership will help us deliver the most robust suite of ecosystem-based education and youth development programs of any aquarium in the nation. We hope to nurture a rising generation of stewards who will ensure a healthy future for the ocean — and us all.


Introducing our Bechtel Education Center

Our Bechtel Education Center deepens our commitment to preparing new generations of ocean conservation leaders.
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Empowering the Next Ocean Leaders

Our transformative impact on the young people who take part in our teen programs helps shape new generations of ocean conservation leaders.
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Supporting Teachers — Our Most Valued Partners

At the heart of our education strategy is a focus on teachers, who can help define children's attitudes about science and influence a generation of students over the course of their careers.
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A Deeper Dive for Visiting Students

The expanded programs we'll offer at our Bechtel Education Center will reach audiences in new ways — meeting the evolving needs of 21st century students and teachers.
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Annual Review 2018 (PDF)

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