Aquarium staff recording jellies behind the scenes for Periscope

Going Global with Social Media

Social media lets us expand our mission beyond our walls, engage millions of people and bring the ocean into homes around the world. It's a powerful and effective way to help people know more, care more and do more on behalf of the ocean.

Our team creates and shares around 4,000 posts per year across popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Periscope.

Instagram is popular among users 18–34 years old, and they're a very engaged audience. We're using the platform's new "Stories" feature to share in-depth background about our work, peeks behind the scenes and stories about conservation, policy and biology.

Live streams on Facebook, Periscope, Instagram and YouTube continue to be one of the most engaging ways to bring our mission into the digital space. Live streams of animals and staff at the Aquarium — as well as our "wild" streams featuring tidepools, king tides, red crabs and other occurrences in Monterey Bay — attract thousands of viewers from around the world.

Thousands of our social media followers responded to invitations to take conservation action in a number of ways: opposing a federal effort to expand offshore oil and gas drilling, supporting a California ballot measure to protect natural resources, and urging passage of California's first-in-the-nation "Straws On Request" bill.


Staff member recording exhibit animals for social media content

IN 2018, we began interpreting popular meme formats on Twitter and Tumblr and used the subsequent discussion to share marine science information. An "American Chopper" meme became our most liked/shared tweet of all time, earning 123,000 likes (120 times our usual) and almost 10,000 new Twitter followers. By joking about the challenge of a conservation-focused organization creating content for a platform light on substance, we introduced the Aquarium and our mission to new audiences.

Another tweet playfully pointed out that Apple's squid emoji is biologically inaccurate. It delivered marine science content to a wide digital audience — something we're uniquely positioned to do.

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