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  • Snowy plovers

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Watch our Aviary Cam carefully—you never know who'll stroll by.

Marvel at the long legs of our black-necked stilts or spot the tiny western snowy plovers that blend into the sand.

Look for leg bands on our birds, which help us identify them in our Aviary. Each bird has its own history—most came here injured and can't live in the wild.

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A Good Hare Day

Hair-raising news... we have added a sea hare to the Aviary! Although this hare isn't related to rabbits, it is an exceedingly interesting invertebrate. Not only can it be both male and female, but it can also lay an astounding number of eggs. How many, exactly? Read our animal guide to find out.

Now That's an Old Bird

You won't bird-lieve it! Our birds stay hearty and healthy for a long, long time — thanks to the hard work and gentle love of our dedicated Animal Care team. Learn more about how we care for our geriatric avian friends and meet our eldest birds.

Seabird Staycation

Our aviculturist Nikki Odorisio works to make sure each day is interesting and fun for our rescued Laysan albatrosses, Makana and Alika. Both birds sustained injuries as chicks and, despite rehabilitation efforts, were never able to fly. To give them the sensation of travel, Nikki takes them on trips through the Aquarium, where they inspire our guests to make small changes—like skipping the straw at restaurants—that can make a big difference for the survival of the species in the wild.

Saving Snowy Plovers

The Aquarium works hard to make a difference in the threatened western snowy plover population. As one of the main rehabilitation sites for shorebirds in northern California, we rescue injured adults, injured chicks and abandoned eggs.

View Our Sandy Shore & Aviary Curriculum

Our standards-based curriculum has been developed to provide educators with easy-to-use, Aquarium-centered science activities for the classroom.