Open Sea Cam

Live Web Cam: 7 a.m.–7 p.m. Pacific Time    Today's Feeding Times: 11 a.m.
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    Our Exhibits Inspire the Next Wave of Ocean Leaders

    Our million-gallon Open Sea exhibit sparks curiosity, wonder and a sense of connection to ocean wildlife when schoolchildren encounter it on field trips. Help us expand our education programs to provide science and environmental education to more students than ever before!

Look into a mysterious, mesmerizing world where life looms large.

You'll see giant tuna power their way through the water, while pelagic rays and green sea turtles swim just inches away.

The stunning one-million-gallon Open Sea exhibit is home to one of the most diverse communities of open-ocean animals to be found in any aquarium.

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Eight Is Great!

Our Open Sea welcomes eight new yellowfin tuna to the crew, for a grand total of 26 on exhibit. These fast fish can fly through the water at up to 47 miles per hour — that's more than eight times as fast as Michael Phelps can swim!

Who's Eating Deep Sea Microplastic?

We know that microplastic particles from our water bottles, clothing and take-out containers are at the surface of the ocean, but we've just discovered that there's even more in the deep sea. Read our latest research results to learn who's been eating these deep-sea plastic particles and what that means for their health — and the ocean's!

Once in a Blue Moon Jelly

Now you can moon-gaze all day long! Check out our new Moon Jelly Cam to see these dreamy drifters pulsate and float in our Open Sea exhibit. These jellies have gorgeous glowing gonads that make this viewing experience as stellar as it is lunar.

A Voice of Courage

The impacts of climate change are growing. Major scientific reports confirm extreme weather events, like the devastating wildfires in California, are getting worse as a result of man-made carbon pollution. Executive Director Julie Packard addresses these events and what we can do, together, to protect our beautiful blue planet.

View Our Open Sea Curriculum

Our standards-based curriculum has been developed to provide educators with easy-to-use, Aquarium-centered science activities for the classroom.