Alistair Douglas

Alistair Douglas, PhD

Partner, SmartAqua
Founder, Partner, EcoHub

Dr. Alistair Douglas is a founder/partner of EcoHub, a public-private initiative building a data driven trading platform aiming to improve the safety, security, sustainability and profitability of seafood supply chains, and leads Asian operations for SmartAqua, a marine aquaculture, seafood and environmental advisory group. During his PhD, where he was based in Japan and at the Tsukiji Market, he developed a rapid, non-destructive quality grading technique for tuna, and later a fillet-level traceability system for tuna that together with Australia's CSIRO demonstrated forensic traceability from a single piece of sushi to an individual animal is possible. He believes in the power of technology to provide visibility, which can help with management, but without control one cannot improve a situation. Alistair also holds a BA in Japanese and is ISO9001 and Best Aquaculture Practice lead auditor qualified.