Kevin M. Fitzsimmon

Kevin M. Fitzsimmons, PhD

Professor, Extension Specialist & Research Scientist, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Arizona
Panelist, Feeding the world with aquaculture: Luxury vs. subsistence

Kevin Fitzsimmons, PhD is a past President of the World Aquaculture Society and a Professor and Extension Specialist at the University of Arizona. He teaches aquaculture and related courses, and serves as the extension agent to fish farmers in Arizona. His research and extension work since 1981 have focused on improving the sustainability of the aquaculture industry domestically and abroad. He has been a leader in the development of the tilapia farming industry on a worldwide basis and has worked on, or visited tilapia farms in more than 50 countries. He has developed aquaponics systems for tilapia and vegetables and polyculture systems to rear tilapia, shrimp, soft-shell crabs and seaweeds. Kevin served as the second chairman of the global charity, Aquaculture without Frontiers. He has co-chaired the last eight International Symposia on Tilapia in Aquaculture (ISTA’s) and served as the Secretary-Treasurer of the American Tilapia Association. He currently has research/development projects in Myanmar, Pakistan, Kenya, the US, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. He earned a PhD in Wildlife and Fisheries at the University of Arizona, an M.S. in Biology at the University of West Florida and B.S. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona.