Bait Ball Experience

Our general market summer campaign is in full swing with online banners, TV and radio ads running in the San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento markets. We’ve continued the “Share the Love” platform this year having seen no indication of market fatigue for the campaign. A variety of animals and exhibits are featured in different ads, but this summer we’re playing up the extremely popular sardine bait ball with ads featuring them appearing across all platforms.

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Bait Ball Experience

As you know, word of mouth is one of the key motivators of visitation for us. To engage our audience, this summer’s campaign includes an interactive bait ball experience that’s making appearances at concerts and events throughout the month of July. Event attendees enter a beautiful, aquarium-branded tent with a 60-inch interactive video screen inside. They are invited to engage in two experiences: The first allows them to “command” the sardine bait ball by touching the screen in different ways. They can cause the school to scatter, follow or dart away from their fingers. With the second activity, they choose from four possible shapes and four music genres. From their choices, a short, personalized video is created in which the sardines form the chosen shape with the selected music playing. They can then email the video to themselves and are encouraged to share their video on Facebook and Twitter. We also give them the option to tell us their zip code and in what age range they fall so we’ll have metrics to indicate our level of success in reaching the Millennial audience.

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