A fishing vessel returns to Moss Landing Harbor in Monterey Bay.

Maintaining the Global Standard for Seafood Sustainability

Our Seafood Watch program was designed to build market demand for sustainable seafood—but in the last 18 years, we've grown into much more than a pocket guide.

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Driving the Demand for Sustainable Seafood

We engage millions of people through our consumer guides, our social media channels and our Conservation Partners—sending a powerful market signal in favor of sustainable seafood.

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 Diners chat with a server about sustainable seafood options.

Growing Influence with Business

Our growing ranks of business partners—from restaurants to supermarkets to large foodservice companies—make public commitments to source sustainable seafood. You can make a difference by supporting them.

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A shrimp farm in Southeast Asia.

Sustainable Seafood Across the Globe

We're on the ground (and in the water) in key seafood-producing regions of the world—collaborating with industry, governments and other stakeholders toward more sustainable seafood production.

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Chef Matthew Beaudin prepares sustainable scallops at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Empowering Chefs to be Seafood Champions

We work closely with chefs and other culinary professionals who actively promote sustainable seafood—in their kitchens, on social media and even on Capitol Hill.

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A fishing vessel returns to Moss Landing Harbor.

Supporting a Local Model for Sustainable Fisheries

Fishing has long been a part of Monterey Bay's culture. Through the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust, we’re pursuing a triple bottom line: a strong local economy, sustainable fisheries and a healthy ocean.

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Conservation & Science Report 2017 (PDF)

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