Sea otters, sharks and bluefin tuna are among the most beloved and awe-inspiring species in our exhibits. They are also among the most vulnerable—and we're committed to help ensure their long-term survival. Our current focus is on the population biology and ecology of these species, whose health is vital to ocean ecosystems in the California Current and across the Pacific Ocean.

Why We're Effective

  • We have decades of experience working to understand, protect and recover populations of southern sea otters, white sharks and bluefin tuna.
  • With research colleagues, we study the population growth of these top level predators, as well as threats to their survival. We use satellite and acoustic tags to track their movements and behavior, and use our findings to advance efforts to improve their protection and management.
  • We're also investigating the role of top predators in healthy ecosystems that, in turn, provide benefits to human coastal communities and economies.