Kelp Forest game

Plunge into the Kelp Forest

Discover the kelp forest ecosystem and the animals who call it home with two free apps designed for students and teachers. Create your own digital kelp forest in the game, and learn all about the Aquarium's Kelp Forest exhibit and the people who help it thrive in our interactive ebook.

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Animal Fact Cards & Games

Grades: PreK-5, Ages: 4-10

Use our animal fact cards to play Critter Concentration, Critter Go Fish or Guess Who. Make your own field guide and bring the cards with you on your next visit to the aquarium.
(Print-and-Do, English / Español)

Be a Sea Searcher

Grades: K-3, Ages: 5-8

Sharpen your observation skills! Search for numbers, letters and patterns in the aquarium and at home.

Bird Bingo

Grades: K-6, Ages: 5-11

Have fun and learn more about birds — play our bird bingo activity when you visit the aquarium or at home.

Coloring Pages

Grades: PreK-2, Ages: 4-7

Print coloring pages of your favorite animals like sea otters, sharks and jellies.
(Print-and-Do, English / Español)

Create a Shark Totem Pole

Grades: PreK-5, Ages: 4-10

Create a Shark Totem PoleTotem poles tell stories about people or families and their relationship to animals. Can you find the shark on this pole?

Decorate a Shark Mask

Grades: PreK-5, Ages: 4-10

Pacific Northwest artists carve wooden masks for dancers to wear during ceremonies. Make your own shark mask!

Discover Diving

Information and activities to get kids interested in SCUBA diving and snorkeling.

Dive into the Deep

Grades: 4-12, Ages: 9-18

Create an undersea scene and discover what a submersible sees as it dives deep in Monterey Canyon.

Habitat Posters

Ages: All

Print and play with our six colorful posters featuring the Kelp Forest, Rocky Shore, Sandy Beach, Coastal Wetlands, Deep Sea and Coral Reef.

Kelp Crossword

Grades: 4-8, Ages: 9-13

Challenge yourself with this crossword puzzle to see what you know about the kelp forest.

Kelp Forest Game & Ebook

Grades: 3-5, Ages: 8-11

Learn all about the kelp forest ecosystem and the animals that call it home with our free game and ebook. You can even create your own digital kelp forest!
(E-book and game)

Lanternfish Sticks

Grades: K-4, Ages: 5-9

Make your own glow-in-the-dark fish. Then have a fishstick party!

Make a Shark Headdress

Grades: PreK-5, Ages: 4-10

West Africans hold celebrations to honor sharklike spirits. The dancers wear wooden headdresses that look like a shark. Make one of your own!

Make an Aquascope to Explore Tide Pool Life

Ages: All

Visiting the rocky shore offers an exciting look at ocean plants and animals in the place they call home. Using a homemade aquascope, you can watch tide pool life right where it is and leave the animals in their tide pool homes.

Marine Missions

Grades: PreK-2, Ages: 4-7

Create your own deep-sea jelly, color ocean currents and learn some new ocean songs using this National Geographic Kids activity packet.
(Print-and-Do, English / Español)

Penguin Headband

Grades: PreK-2, Ages: 4-8

Create your own penguin headband and have a penguin party.

Ray Hide & Seek

Grades: PreK-4, Ages: 4-9

River rays blend into the bottom of the Amazon River with their variety of camouflage patterns. Can you find a good hiding place for these rays?

Sea Otter Lunch Bag Puppet

Grades: PreK-3, Ages: 4-9

Make a sea otter puppet of your very own, then act out a story with your new otter friend.
(Print-and-Do, English / Español)

Shark School of Art

Grades: 3-12, Ages: 8-18

Learn some tips on how to draw sharks and create your own cartoons and comics.