Artists in the Pacific Northwest turn trees into totem poles by carving out images of animals, like sharks. Each pole tells a story about a person or family and their relationship to these animals. Can you find the shark on this pole? (Hint: Look for a mouth full of sharp teeth.)

What to do

  1. Print the shark totem pole.
  2. Color the totem pole and the shark fin.
  3. Cut out the totem pole and the shark fin along the solid lines ___________________.
  4. To assemble the totem pole, line up the top section (page 1) with the bottom (page 2) and tape together on the back side.
  5. Fold the shark fin along the dotted lines _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .
  6. Match up the dots on the shark fin with the dots on the totem pole.
  7. Tape the shark fin to the totem pole.
  8. Roll the totem pole into a tube and tape the edges together or tape around a recycled paper towel tube.