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Discovery Lab

Location: Aquarium Learning Labs

These 45-minute Discovery Lab classroom programs provide students with a fun, hands-on introduction to some of Monterey Bay's most precious habitats and the animals that live there. Using science processes to observe live marine invertebrates, students develop an appreciation and understanding of their connection to the ocean. The program takes place in the Aquarium Learning Labs and includes self-guided time at the Aquarium.

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Ocean Explorers

Location: Aquarium Auditorium

These 25-minute programs set the stage for a fun, focused visit! Enjoy the "inside stories" of the Monterey Bay Aquarium starting in the auditorium, where our educators use rich media to prepare your students and chaperones to explore the Aquarium and to provide them with a focus for their visit. Your group will continue to our exhibit areas where students and chaperones use an Aquarium-provided Exploration Booklet filled with activities designed to promote interesting conversations and focused observation at exhibits. The program includes self-guided time at the Aquarium.

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Location: Aquarium

You determine the focus and set the pace. The average visit time is two to three hours, but you're welcome to stay as long as you like and investigate all the habitats found in the Aquarium. Weekend and summer reservations are available.

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