To make sure you have a smooth and seamless field trip, follow this guide to learn everything that needs to be done before arriving at the Aquarium.

Woman writing on clipboard

Getting Started

Make a Reservation

  • Select the field trip program that you're interested in and make a field trip reservation.
  • You should receive an email notification of your reservation immediately.

Get a Teacher Planning Ticket

  • Once you've confirmed your field trip, you're eligible for a Teacher Planning Ticket — a free pass to the Aquarium so you can visit and plan in advance of your trip. Call 831.647.6886 or email School Programs to request this ticket. We'll need three days to process your request.

Six Weeks Before Your Trip

Review Transportation

Plan Learning

  • If coming with other teachers, meet to determine the schedule and learning activities for the day.
  • Explore our curriculum for learning activities you can do with your class before or after the field trip.
  • Check out our Self-Guided Exploration Guides for fun, educational activities you can do with your class while at the Aquarium.
  • Share the information in the emails you receive, since you are the only one who receives them on behalf of the whole group.
  • Recruit chaperones.

Two Weeks Before Your Trip

Check Your Email

  • If attending a Discovery Lab or Ocean Explorers program, look for an email from an Aquarium educator and provide requested details about your group.

Confirm Your Chaperones

Prepare Your Students

One Week Before Your Trip

Plan Lunch

  • You will be assigned to a lunch space. Refer to your confirmation email for details.

Gather Your Paperwork

  • Complete and sign your School Group Entry Ticket.
  • Collect permission slips from your students.
  • Complete and sign one behavior contract (PDF) on behalf of your group.
  • Bring medical records or instructions for any children who are on medication or who require special medical attention.

Prepare Your Chaperones

  • Calculate any costs for additional chaperones and prepare to pay additional chaperone fees with a single credit card payment per group. We cannot accommodate multiple payments.
  • Review the behavior contract (PDF) with your group. You will need to bring your signed behavior contract the day of the field trip.
  • Assign a chaperone to each group prior to your arrival.