Students tending to a garden in their schoolyard

Project-Based Science

Grades 2 and 5
La Hoya Elementary School
Salinas, CA

Major Objectives

  • Increase the number of pollinators in the schoolyard


Students at La Hoya Elementary School completed a project to promote the presence of pollinators in their schoolyard. They began by collecting data on the number of pollinators they saw in the schoolyard over many months, then identified important pollinators that are native to the region and explored their role in the local ecosystem. To increase the number of beneficial native pollinators, students decided to install new garden boxes with flowers and vegetables. Because of their data collection and planning, the project was able to secure a donation of supplies by a community group and the garden box was successfully implemented.

  • Project Length:
    6 months
  • Outreach:
    51 students
  • Community Partners:
    Salinas Valley Community Church
  • Related Aquarium Teacher Program:
    Coastal Systems Teacher Institute

Notes from the Field

"We added different plants around the school like lupine that pollinators are attracted to."