A student sitting on grass, studying a marked-off section in her schoolyard

Project-Based Science

Grade 5
Hallsville Intermediate School
Hallsville, MO

Major Objectives

  • Increase biodiversity of the schoolyard by attracting birds using bird feeders
  • Provide habitat for birds and insects by adding plants to the schoolyard


Students at Hallsville Intermediate School surveyed their schoolyard using quadrants and making observations. They determined that two ways to increase biodiversity could be installing bird feeders and planting native plants. They collaborated to find the best locations for the bird feeders and communicated with administrators and maintenance personnel to create a maintenance plan for both feeders and new plants. After installing the feeders, students conducted fundraisers for bird food and plants. Monitoring the number and type of birds and pollinators that visit the schoolyard will be part of this ongoing project to develop a baseline data set and help determine the effect of these conservation actions.

Notes from the Field

"This was a great way to show the kids the biodiversity that surrounds them!"