Project-Based Science

Grade 7
Pacific Grove Middle School
Pacific Grove, CA

Major Objectives

  • Equip students with an understanding of the importance of pollinators in ensuring food supply
  • Examine how human activities can affect pollinator numbers and health
  • Raise awareness about the importance of permeable versus impermeable surfaces (e.g., gardens help reduce runoff during rainy season)


Students at Pacific Grove Middle School began by collecting data on the presence or absence of pollinators in the schoolyard. They then researched what types of plants attract birds, butterflies and other pollinators and over time created a garden area designed to attract pollinators. Students continue to maintain and enhance the garden area, collect weather data, conduct pollinator counts and contribute to planning and installing new plants and seeds.

  • Project Length:
  • Outreach:
    450 students
  • Community Partners:
    Monterey Bay Aquarium, California Retired Teachers Association (CalRTA), Pacific Grove Pride, CalAm
  • Related Aquarium Teacher Program:
    Project-Based Science Teacher Institute

Notes from the Field

"We'll be adding more planter boxes and will continue to monitor pollinators this year. We were so excited to observe three monarchs, two hummingbirds and a number of honeybees, native bees and a few bumble bees."