Pie charts showing a reduction in use of straws at restaurants

Project-Based Science

Grades 10–12
Mission Bay High School
San Diego, CA

Major Objectives

  • Spread awareness about the negative environmental impacts of plastic straws
  • Decrease use of plastic straws in local restaurants


Students at Mission Bay High School completed an educational campaign informing local restaurant owners of the role plastic straws play in ocean plastic pollution. They shared some alternatives to single-use plastic straws with the restaurant owners, and if the owners liked the idea, they were provided with a poster to hang up in their shop and cards to put on their tables. These materials informed customers about the initiative and the sustainable alternatives available if a customer was in need of a straw. The project reached over 40 restaurants in the area.

Notes from the Field

“I was surprised at how many restaurants were willing and happy to change to be environmentally friendly with the reduction of straws.”