"Little Data": The Rise of Citizen Science and Its Importance for Conservation

Connecting Conservation and Technology Workshop Keynote Address

The rise of connected devices, the plummeting cost of computing power, and the miniaturization of hardware have opened up new opportunities in "Citizen Science," where motivated individuals take part in scientific investigations, and savvy investigators can take advantage of unprecedented amounts of highly distributed data.

Can we teach ordinary people to leverage technology to solve problems at both personal and global scales? At SparkFun Electronics, we pride ourselves in supporting the Maker community with tools, equipment and know-how. We'll explore how we're leveraging the Open-Source hardware movement to create and support new Citizen Science efforts. The goal: empowering people to be more locally informed, globally minded and, most importantly, active contributors to important areas of scientific research.

Presented by SparkFun Electronics educators Lindsay Diamond, director of education; Jeff Branson, education development coordinator; Brian Huang, electrical engineering professor; and Mike Grusin, education engineer.