Teacher Professional Development
  • Summit Kickoff: October 5–6, 2018

  • Mid-Year Check-In: February 9, 2019
  • Final Project Symposium: May 10–11, 2019

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About the Program

Do you live like you love the ocean? Are you ready to help your students live like they love the ocean? Join us for an action-based summit that prepares and motivates teachers to be part of the plastic pollution solution! This series is designed for teachers who are ready to go in-depth into plastic pollution issues and solutions with their students.

Each day, we throw away about 300 million tons of petroleum-based plastic bottles, bags, utensils, packaging and other so-called disposable items. Sadly, this disposable plastic will persist in the environment and may travel throughout the global food web forever. Sessions will focus on the science behind plastic issues, project ideas for the classroom and networking opportunities.


Collaborate with Colleagues
Engage with Scientists and Experts
Incorporate Technology
Integrate Inquiry-Based Curriculum
Support Next Generation Science Standards



Eligibility and Requirements

  • Full-time 3rd through 12th grade classroom teachers
  • Teams of two to three teachers from the same or nearby schools are encouraged
  • Attend all three program sessions
  • Implement a student-led action project that reduces single-use plastic consumption in your school or community

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Alena Dooner

Meet the Lead Instructor

Alena Dooner
Education Specialist II
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"This program has honestly transformed my entire life and how I think about using plastic. My family, friends and staff at my school have started using far less single-use plastic. I even inspired a math teacher at my school to purchase a stainless steel water bottle."

- Tammy Rinkenberger, 7th grade teacher

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