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Grades 6–8

Level 1
July 20–24, 2015
Follow-up Sessions
Saturdays: October 17, 2015; January 9, 2016; May 7, 2016

Level 2
June 17–20, 2015
Follow-up Sessions Saturdays: September 12, 2015; November 14, 2015; January 30, 2016; May 7, 2016

About the Institute

Are you looking for dynamic experiences to invigorate your teaching practice and your students' learning? Are you looking to enhance your curriculum with student-driven projects that support Next Generation Science Standards?

Project-based science supports the shift to more student-centered teaching. The hands-on, collaborative nature of projects provides a learning experience that models best science-teaching practices and integrates Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards. Engage students in authentic inquiry-based science as they investigate conservation issues connected to their lives and their environment.

This free institute provides opportunities to:
  • Collaborate with colleagues and learn about the project-based science process and how it fits into your classroom.
  • Integrate iPads and Web 2.0 applications into your curriculum through local field sites.
  • Go behind the scenes to learn about our current research projects, new exhibits and the operation of a world-class aquarium.
  • Engage in discussions with scientists and experts in the field.
  • Network with other middle school teachers for support and advice throughout the year!
You'll return to your classroom with skills and materials to:
  • Employ project-based strategies to engage your students in real science.
  • Introduce your students to diverse marine science and conservation topics relating to your standards.
  • Implement new hands-on, inquiry-based activities that address Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards.

This summer, re-energize with the Aquarium's Project-Based Science Teacher Institute and spark your students' desire to explore, investigate and understand their world. Priority is given to school teams, so invite your colleagues! We encourage interdisciplinary school teams to apply.


6th through 8th grade classroom teachers. For Level 2, teachers must have previously completed Level 1 of this institute (2014 or earlier).


  • Attend all summer sessions and Saturday follow-ups during the school year. 
  • Implement a project with your students.
  • Integrate technology into your classroom.
  • Share your project with the group at the end of the year.
  • Participate in an online professional learning community throughout the school year.


$100 per day is available upon completion of the program.


Units are available through CSU Monterey Bay.

More Information:

Level 1 complete details (PDF)
Level 2 complete details (PDF)

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