Meet Edward Allen

Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager

Interview by Emilio Orozco, high school student and former Aquarium Student Oceanography Club (SOC) member

Describe your job here at the Aquarium.

My job is to help create a more inclusive and equitable work environment for our staff and volunteers through outreach and in-reach, recruitment and business processes. My job interacts with all employees by building relationships and community through unity.

What experience or skills do you need to work in this field?

You truly need to be passionate about people when it comes to being an advocate for change. Understanding cultures and how their perspectives matter. Allowing yourself the ability to disagree without passing judgement. Being aware of your surroundings and understanding the diversity of people in your schools, work environments and neighborhoods.

"If you can turn your passion into a career, you will always enjoy what you're doing."

What did you study?

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in business management and a master's in business administration (MBA), both from University of Phoenix.

What do you like the most about your job?

I like knowing that there is so much to learn from my fellow staff members about conservation, marine life, water systems and ecology. The diversity at the Aquarium provides a rich and rewarding educational experience—I never know what I'll learn on any given day.

What's your advice for students interested in your career?

Follow your passion! Our core passions will always be within us and no matter what you choose as a career, your core passion will follow. If you can turn your passion into a career, you will always enjoy what you're doing.

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