We offer high school and middle school students extraordinary experiences to connect with marine science, learn about conservation and take action for the ocean in their local community. Students explore the Monterey Bay—from both above and below the water — and participate in hands-on activities and volunteer opportunities. Teens interested in becoming the next generation of ocean conservation leaders are encouraged to apply for our award-winning programs.

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Upcoming Programs

Design for the Ocean

Design for the Ocean
  • Grades 8–10
  • Ages 13–16
  • September - December 2019
  • Recruitment open
Design for the Ocean is an after school program where students can design solutions to ocean conservation problems using engineering skills.

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Student Oceanography Club (SOC)

Student oceanography club member watchiing Monterey Bay wildlife through a telescope
  • Grades 6–8
  • Ages 11–14
  • 2019–20 school year
  • Recruitment opens June 1
SOC is a program for students who are interested in learning about marine science and ocean conservation and who would like to make a difference in their local communities.

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Teen Conservation Leader (TCL)

Teen conservation leader
  • Grades 9–12
  • Ages 14 or older
  • June–August 2019
  • Recruitment closed
TCL students develop important job and life skills and earn service hours by interpreting exhibits for our guests or supporting Aquarium programs.

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Young Women in Science (YWS)

Young women in science tracking otters
  • Grades 7–8
  • Ages 11–13
  • July 22–26, 2019
    July 29–August 2, 2019
  • Recruitment closed
YWS is a week-long, summer day-camp designed to get young women excited about and involved in science, the ocean and conservation.

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Watsonville Area Teens Conserving Habitats (WATCH)

Teens working on a WATCH project
  • Grades 9–12
  • Ages 14 or older
  • Year-round
  • Recruitment open at participating high schools
WATCH is a year-long program offered to students at Pajaro Valley, Watsonville and Aptos high schools in Watsonville, California.

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