High School

Program Details

Watsonville Area Teens Conserving Habitats (WATCH) is a program offered only at Pajaro Valley, Watsonville and Aptos high schools in Watsonville, California. This year-long program begins in the summer and extends throughout the school year. During the two-week summer component, students explore the Pajaro River Watershed, meet with local scientists and participate in inquiry-based learning. They also learn about environmental issues in their community and participate in local restoration efforts.

After the summer, the same students enroll in a WATCH science class and develop their own field research project based on an environmental topic. Students will work during the school day, after school and independently to complete their projects. They work with Aquarium staff and teachers, as well as scientists and educators from the community to complete their projects. Upon completion of the projects, students receive a scholarship and community service hours needed for graduation.


  • Grade level: Be a full-time student at Pajaro Valley High School, Aptos High School or Watsonville High School
  • Ages: 14 or older

How to Apply:

If you are a student at the participating high schools, please contact your science teacher or guidance counselor for enrollment information.

Be prepared to answer the following three essay questions for your application:

  1. What excites you about the possibility of participating in the WATCH program?
  2. If I were to ask your classmates, what role would they say you play in a project group?
  3. What are your long-term plans for after high school? What is your dream career and what will you have to do to get there? 

For more information about WATCH, email Teen Programs at teenprograms@mbayaq.org.