OCEAN HERO PROFILE, Shelby O’Niel, San Juan Bautista, High school student, Archnemisis of single-use plastic straws everywhere
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"Sustainability is not just about what we do today, but about preserving the planet and our food for the days to come."

- Soerke Peters
OCEAN HERO PROFILE, Gonzales Youth Council, Gonzales, CA, High school students, Warriors of the waterways
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"Teachers and schools are making positive differences in the community. The power of kids' voices is actively creating change."

- Niccole Tiffany
OCEAN HERO PROFILE, City of Pacific Grove, Pacific Grove, CA, Municipal administrators, Masterminding a new water treatment system to defend against the perils of pollution
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OCEAN HERO PROFILE, Soerke Peters, Carmel, CA, Chef & restaurateur, Protecting the environment, one sustainable meal at a time
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