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When you join our Leadership Council of the Packards' Circle, you'll be part of our most distinguished group of donors whose involvement and annual support is critical to the future of the Aquarium and our mission to inspire conservation of the ocean. You'll also receive exclusive benefits, including invitations to special events featuring prominent speakers engaged in ocean conservation issues. Most importantly, you will help make so much possible for the ocean and ocean animals we all love.

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It's the perfect time to join our top donor circle!

A group of Leadership Council donors have increased their support to create an exciting challenge aimed at growing our top donor circle while providing much-needed funding for our many ocean conservation programs. Please join our Leadership Council today with your generous gift of $10,000 or more—and your gift will be matched!

What will your gift do?

Help us inspire visitors through award-winning exhibits.

More than 80 percent of our 2 million annual visitors say they are inspired to do something to protect the ocean. Our success with the visitor experience has led us to take action on a national, and increasingly international, scale to help secure protections for the ocean and ocean animals.

Help us engage future generations of ocean leaders.

Each year, more than 110,000 schoolchildren and teachers take part in life-changing education programs at the Aquarium, free of charge. These experiences have led to a new generation of leaders ready to act on behalf of our natural world.

Help us save ocean animals.

Our scientists conduct groundbreaking research on threatened animals like sea otters, bluefin tuna and white sharks. These animals play important roles in keeping the ocean healthy. Our research helps us better understand the threats these and other animals face—and to provide real solutions that offer new hope to protect them in the wild.

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Shannon Madison and Giles Douglas

"When we saw him wide eyed, watching the fish swim by, and were hooked!"

"We've been fans of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and have supported their conservation efforts for many years. The Aquarium was one of our first date destinations, and we've enjoyed many visits over the years with our children. One visit when our son was just three months old made a lasting impression. When we saw him wide eyed, watching the fish swim by, and were hooked!

Having built the 'greenest home in Mountain View,' we're interested in helping people appreciate and protect the environment. The Aquarium provides a critical service by inspiring conservation of the ocean. That's why we helped create the Leadership Council Challenge that will match your increased commitment. Please join the Leadership Council and help the Aquarium protect the ocean that sustain us all."

Shannon Madison and Giles Douglas, Leadership Council Challenge donors

Students in Monterey Bay Aquarium's Discovery Lab

"Their outreach work educating children on the impact of the ocean's health makes an important difference."

"The Monterey Bay Aquarium's outreach work educating children on the impact of the ocean's health makes an important difference in their lives. And, they learn how they too can make a difference. That is why I am proud to support the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I urge you to join me. It is so important for our children, our ocean and our future."

Lori Nye, Leadership Council Challenge donor

Please join us today!

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 94-2487469). Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. You'll receive an acknowledgment stating the value of any tangible benefits received.

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