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Julie Packard

Director's Note

Julie Packard

Julie Packard, Executive Director

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A leopard shark swimming past kelp in the Kelp Forest exhibit

What's New

National Portrait Gallery honors Julie Packard, Bechtel Education Center debut and member survey results.
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View of Monterey Bay and the Aquarium back deck during sunrise

Celebrating 35 Years of Inspiring Conservation of the Ocean

A look back on some of our memorable moments and achievements over the past 35 years.
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Close-up of a sea otter floating in wild kelp beds

Saving Sea Otters and Protecting Our Ocean

Thanks to donor support, our groundbreaking work to save sea otters is having a real impact on their survival — and their coastal habitats.
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ROV being moved back aboard the Rachel Carson while out at sea

Innovating and Inspiring to Protect the Ocean

Together, the Aquarium and MBARI have pursued innovative research projects and explored some of our planet's most remote places.
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Sea otter digging through a pit of frozen clam balls

Online Exclusive

A Special Sea Otter Enrichment — Cold, Clammy and Made with Love

What if we filled a kiddie pool full of huge ice balls and made a ball pit for our sea otters?
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Donor Recognition

Our new Endowment Society recognizes donors who are helping to secure our programs for the future through their generous support. View our Ocean Legacy Circle donors


The support from our business partnerships means we can do more for education and ocean conservation.
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