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Monterey Bay Aquarium staff carefully moves an adult green sea turtle

We Provide Exceptional Care for Exceptional Animals

Each and every day, animals at the Aquarium inspire millions of visitors from around the world to protect the global ocean. At the same time, we work hard to take care of ocean animals in the wild.

"The Aquarium is a leader in ocean conservation and veterinary care," says Dr. Mike Murray, director of veterinary services. "Our work is making a huge difference for so many animals."

At the heart of this critical work, you'll find Dr. Mike, our dedicated veterinary staff and our skilled aquarists, who work tirelessly to provide the best possible care for an increasing number of animals—but in a workspace that no longer meets their growing needs.

That's why we're expanding our Animal Care Center to do more for all the animals you know and love, here at the Aquarium and beyond.

Western snowy plovers

Fluffy, feisty snowy plovers struggle for survival. As the hub of plover rehabilitation on the Central Coast, we're making a difference for this threatened population. We rescue and care for injured adults and chicks. When nests are abandoned, we rescue the eggs and incubate them behind the scenes.

Since we began our snowy plover recovery program in 2000, we've reared and released more than 135 birds. We keep an eye on them in the wild, too, and know that many have successfully reproduced after we released them.

Western snowy plover being released on a local beach
We release young birds hatched at the Aquarium on local beaches.

Sea turtles

Among Earth's most ancient species, sea turtles are at risk from ocean plastic pollution and climate change. Our team cares for the green sea turtles on exhibit that help us educate visitors about this mysterious species. We also care for wild ones that strand on local beaches, and work with colleagues to release those back into the wild.

Aquarium staff carefully moves an adult green sea turtle
Aquarium staff carefully moves an adult green sea turtle.

Southern sea otters

We're the main facility in the world that rescues, treats and releases stranded southern sea otters—including pups raised through our unique surrogacy program that pairs them with our adult female exhibit otters for maternal care.

Our priority is to see the wild population recover by understanding the threats sea otters face and promoting their return to their historical range. Our decades-long commitment is making a difference. Nearly 60 percent of the otters in Elkhorn Slough are direct descendants of animals in our Sea Otter Program, and are helping to restore this vital coastal wetland.

A larger Animal Care Center will support this work, and enable us to host promising veterinary students and interns, especially those from underrepresented communities, and train them in conservation medicine. It's an important commitment we're making for the future of ocean animals.

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