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Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Karen and Phil Drayer

Creating a Legacy for the Ocean

"The Aquarium is one of the few places we have entrusted with the future of our planet."

On vacation in 1988, Texas natives Karen and Phil Drayer joined the Monterey Bay Aquarium. When they relocated to Pebble Beach in 1991, Karen began what she often refers to as "the 10 happiest years of my life." Karen devoted over 5,000 hours of volunteer service, first as a volunteer guide and then caring for orphaned sea otter pups during the critical first weeks and months after rescue—often working through the night.

Her work here fueled her passion for animal care. When we reached out to Karen after Hurricane Katrina with a desperate plea to help us transport sea otters and penguins to Monterey from the badly damaged Aquarium of the Americas, she and Phil readily agreed.
Over the past three decades, they have done much to advance our understanding of the threats facing sea otters and to inspire ocean conservation, but the Drayers are forward thinkers and recognize that our work will be needed far into the future. That is why they have made a major commitment to the Aquarium—their legacy for the ocean—with the Karen and Phil Drayer Endowment Fund for the Future of the Ocean. Their thoughtful and generous support will have significant impact for the ocean and ocean wildlife—forever.

Learn how you can support the Aquarium with a legacy gift, or to let us know you have included the Aquarium in your will or trust, please contact Mary Mullen at or (831) 648-4913. Thank you!

Memorial Gifts

We are deeply grateful to the many donors who made gifts,* in memory of the following individuals:

  • Rhys Ahern
  • June Banks
  • Kenneth Banks
  • Judith Elaine Baranek
  • Suzanne Barkworth
  • Valerio Biondo
  • Lee and Max Brice
  • Ed Carney
  • Kevin Chang
  • Joan Mt. Pleasant Chapman
  • Charles Clark
  • Everett Corll
  • Curt Cureton
  • Constance D'Amico
  • Philip Darst
  • Amelia Elizabeth Davis
  • Pamela S. Dickinson
  • Richard Stanley Fialkowski
  • Susan Ficklin
  • Marshall Frank
  • Charles Gilkey
  • Raviderjit Gill
  • Debbie Gordon
  • Judy Hallagan
  • Catherine Hamilton
  • Jim Hildebrand
  • Robert L. Hittleman
  • Sean Bryan Holtsberry
  • Grace Howard
  • Nancy Grandin Hutchinson
  • Glenn Johnson
  • Tricia Johnston
  • Lorraine Jones
  • Beverly K. Kerns
  • Martin Knutson
  • Harold and Marie Larson
  • Norma Laug
  • Alaina Sage Lester
  • Pat Leve
  • Katrina Martens
  • Barbara Martin
  • Gary A. McLaughlin
  • Virginia Nagy
  • John Kennedy Ohl
  • Dorothy Patanetti
  • Zachary Penn
  • Nancy Prior
  • Lois Rianda
  • Edward Righter
  • Marian Rossi
  • Catherine Rossing
  • Edward Shumaker
  • John Smith
  • Jeff Stevens
  • Mark S. Tague
  • Jean Theisen
  • Lloyda Thompson
  • Chuck Tribolet
  • Brandon Tsusaki
  • Kate and Louis Vidoroni
  • Hilda Wax
  • Linda Wheeler
  • Marilyn and Charles Woods

Tribute Gifts

We are deeply grateful to the many donors who made gifts,* in honor of the following individuals and occasions:

  • Sue Adams
  • Zachary Baskara and Family
  • Lynn and Howard Bayer
  • Dr. Lorin Benedict
  • Eddy and Shino Bird's wedding
  • Thomas Blondeau
  • Ann and Wim Braak
  • Madison Brown
  • Nigel and Sofia Brown
  • Kathryn E. Carroll
  • Alison Chang
  • Maya Chow's birthday
  • Elizabeth Coleman
  • Marc Courtenay
  • Eli Crum's birthday
  • Kimya Csermelyi's birthday
  • Kimberly Cunningham
  • Amanda Darling
  • Deirdre Darst
  • Charles M. Davis
  • Neal and Katie Davis
  • Ella Delfavero
  • Faye Donaldson
  • Peter Duffy's birthday
  • Eve Eklund
  • Cliff and Judy Fischer's wedding
  • Victor Funtanilla
  • Carol Galginaitis and Gregg McKee's wedding
  • Roxanne Giovanetti
  • Sara Golemon
  • Jim Gowdy
  • Kira Jones' birthday
  • Lindsey Kaufman's birthday
  • Al Kennedy
  • Jane Koska
  • Amy Kramer
  • Bill and Margie Krend
  • Cody Krstich
  • Kyle Krstich
  • Meredith Kummell
  • Amelia Latham
  • Allison Lewis
  • Michael Lewis
  • Jim Long
  • Norman Ludwig
  • Shannon Madison and Giles Douglas' wedding
  • Nicole Magana and Tyler Peterson's wedding
  • Kim McSweeney and Dick Lauder's wedding
  • Anav Mohan's birthday
  • Kristin Molle
  • Rose Mortimer
  • Steve Neal and Michelle Rhyu's wedding
  • Olivia Nesbitt-MacDonald
  • Matthew Newfield
  • Linda Nguyen
  • Gisela Nobinger's birthday
  • Gisela and Glenn Nobinger
  • Mika Okuma-Gordon's birthday
  • Robert Parrett
  • Karen and John Pihl's wedding
  • Andrew Razman
  • Peter Rich
  • Suzi Riley
  • Laura Rombach and Josh Rau's wedding
  • Dick Schrudder
  • Isaac Schuchat's graduation
  • Bob Shobert
  • Mark Smith
  • Virginia Snow and John Carter
  • Ned Stone
  • Ryan Sturt
  • Jane and Tom Sullivan
  • Dr. Deborah Travis
  • Brett Ware
  • Bryan Ware
  • Rebecka Ware
  • Javi Watanabe
  • Christopher Wells
  • The Wilson Family
  • Diane Williamson

*This listing reflects gifts made September 2014 through August 2015.

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