Monterey Bay Aquarium

Building a Future for the Ocean

With your help, we're starting construction on our most ambitious undertaking since opening the Aquarium—our new Center for Ocean Education and Leadership. This state-of-the-art learning center is designed to engage and inspire California's students today, and for generations to come.


Center for Ocean Education and Leadership

Why Does this Matter?

At a time when the ocean faces perilous threats—from overfishing, climate change, plastic pollution and more—your support of our work to inspire future ocean leaders is critically urgent. You can make this new Center possible. Please join us and make your gift today.

Renderings of the Education Center

Our Commitment to Education

Since 1984, we've welcomed more than 2.5 million schoolchildren and their teachers—for free.
Sea otter mom and pup

A Pivotal Time for the Planet

The health of our ocean affects not only marine life, but all life on Earth.
Students in the Discovery Lab

Overwhelming Demand for Our Programs

The ability to serve a wider community.

Building a Future for the Ocean

Introducing our new Center for Ocean Education and Leadership.
Learning center

An Innovative, Forward-Thinking Learning Center

Our most ambitious undertaking since opening the Aquarium.
Student looking through magnifying glass

A Rich Educational Environment

Immersing students in a learning space that's both innovative and inspiring.
Julie Packard

A Message from Our Executive Director

"We're thrilled to be moving forward with a project that will have such a significant long-term impact..."
Meg Kikkeri

Inspiring a New Generation of Ocean Advocates

Life-changing experiences. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.
Being a Teen Conservation Leader is part of my identity. It means going above and beyond to connect with the environment...

Creating Ocean Conservation Leaders

Nurturing a lifelong conservation ethic.
Teacher, Stefanie Pechan

More Enriching Opportunities for Teachers

Doubling the number of teachers who participate in our Teacher Institutes.
Rooftop garden

A Model for Sustainability

The Center is designed to meet LEED standards.
Cannery Row

Located on Historic Cannery Row

Honoring an industrial spirit and adding new twists on old themes.

You can help change lives—and build a future for the ocean.

The mission of the nonprofit Monterey Bay Aquarium is to inspire conservation of the ocean.

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