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Our work to save sea otters is unique, and having a real impact on their survival — and the resiliency of the coastal waters they call home. Your support will allow us to keep pushing the boundaries of sea otter recovery.

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For 35 years, the Aquarium has been the epicenter of sea otter recovery. Our decades of research have also revealed the vital role these animals play in creating resilient coastal ecosystems. Thanks to your support of our pioneering work, we've discovered more effective methods of caring for sick or orphaned wild otters and pups — and successfully releasing them back into the wild in places they're desperately needed.

Today, we're at a critical juncture to ensure the long-term survival of sea otters and the broader recovery of a thriving California coastline. We've set a goal of raising $5 million to continue this important work and we need your help. Your gift will ensure a healthy future for these iconic creatures and the waters they call home.

The elements of our Sea Otter Program

No other institution in the world matches our robust approach to sea otter recovery.

Animation of a sea otter pup feeding from bottle


We rescue orphaned pups and ill or injured adults. Caring for them is a round-the-clock job that's growing more challenging as strandings rise.

Surrogate sea otter mom and pup


Our one-of-a-kind sea otter surrogacy program pairs our exhibit animals with orphaned pups to provide maternal care and teach them skills needed to survive in the wild.

Sea otter being release


We track and monitor sea otters we release into the wild for the rest of their lives. They're vulnerable to disease or disasters like an oil spill and face new threats like limited food supply and shark bites.

Animation of sea otter research boat


Our groundbreaking research is critical for sea otter recovery. We've advanced scientific knowledge and raised public awareness about sea otters and the contributions they make to healthy coastal ecosystems.

We simply can't do it without you.

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Left: Sea otter pup behind the scenes, Right: Sea otter mom and pup in the wild

Saving sea otters and protecting our ocean

Sea otters are beloved icons of the Aquarium and California’s coastline. They're also awesome ecosystem engineers. Their presence brings balance to every level of the food chain, so that coastal habitats thrive.

We began caring for orphaned wild otters and pups 35 years ago. We're the only institution in the world with a sea otter surrogacy program that pairs orphaned pups with our female exhibit animals to provide maternal care and teach them the skills needed to survive in the wild.

With your help, we can use what we've learned about sea otter care and surrogacy to build not only their numbers, but also the health of California's essential coastal habitats, as the two are inextricably linked.

You're the driving force behind this critical work.

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Betty White

"It's so important that we do all we can — and more — to protect sea otters for future generations. I hope with all my heart that you will send your contribution today and join me in helping the Aquarium save sea otters and all vulnerable ocean animals."

– Betty White, actress and Charter Member

Help us ensure a healthy future for sea otters by giving generously today.

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A wild sea otter floats in the ocean and grooms itself

Act now for sea otters and a healthy California coast

We're at a critical moment in the species' recovery and just beginning to understand the incredible impact these animals have on coastal ecosystems. Join us and support our innovative Sea Otter Program today.

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