With Your Help, We'll Inspire the Next Wave of Ocean Leaders

Visiting the Aquarium as a young child can lead to a lifetime of inspiration.

Chloe Bombardieri

Meet Chloe Bombardieri. She started coming to the Aquarium at age two with her grandparents, who were volunteer guides. In high school she became a student guide and then a Teen Conservation Leader—one of our in-depth programs for teens we're able to offer thanks to donor support. Before long, she was working in the Aquarium's Education Department, helping teachers better utilize technology in the classroom.

But it didn't stop there: after studying environmental science and oceanography at University of California, Davis, she became a middle school science teacher in San Jose—and now she's inspiring her own generation of ocean advocates.

Chloe and Katy
Chloe Bombardieri and Katy Scott
Chloe Bombardieri

Chloe's teaching methods particularly resonate in the tech-heavy Silicon Valley. Under the tutelage of the Aquarium's digital learning manager, Katy Scott, Chloe developed a tech specialty. Her students create apps and use coding to analyze data on ocean acidification. They've also used social media to advocate on behalf of our ocean.

"It's nice for them to see how we are connecting real-world science to technology," Chloe says.

Chloe is especially excited about the tech resources we're planning for the new Bechtel Family Center for Ocean Education and Leadership. From video labs to virtual reality, we're designing new programs focused on the best use of technology to increase student learning.

"The Aquarium is the reason I went into teaching in the first place," says Chloe. "There's no way I would have the confidence and the passion without that base of support. And now I'm passing that on to my students."
Chloe and Aquarium staff

We're so proud of Chloe and what she's accomplishing with her students—and it all started with a visit to the Aquarium. With your help, we're excited to inspire more young people like her when we open our new Center in 2019.

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