Andre Boustany

Andre Boustany, PhD

Research Scientist and Senior Nippon Foundation-Nereus Fellow
Duke University
Panelist-Can We Turn the Tide on Tuna?

Andre Boustany, PhD is a research scientist at Duke University where he studies pelagic fish and fisheries, looking at ways to reduce bycatch and improve fishing efficiency. A lifelong fisherman and ocean lover, he always dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. That path took a small detour through Ithaca, NY where he majored in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology as an undergraduate at Cornell University. After graduating, Andre worked a number of jobs in his native California, from working on a dairy farm to studying demographics of spotted owls in the San Bernardino Mountains to working as an observer on pelagic driftnet boats. It was this last job that introduced Andre to the environment and animals of the open ocean, the topics he would study for the next stage of his career. It was also during this time Andre met Dr. Barbara Block of Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station next door to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Andre entered the PhD program in Barbara’s lab where he used electronic tagging technologies and genetics to study migration patterns, habitat utilization and population structure of bluefin tunas and sharks in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. After graduating, Andre moved to Duke University as a postdoctoral researcher before joining the faculty as a research scientist. In addition to his research, Andre also teaches classes in marine conservation and fisheries ecology and serves as a member of the Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Advisory Panel and the US ICCAT Advisory Committee, advising NOAA on domestic and international management of pelagic fishes in the Atlantic Ocean.