Katrina Nakamura, PhD

Sustainability Incubator
Panelist-Managing Supply Chains for Sustainability and Social Justice

Katrina Nakamura, PhD is founder of the Sustainability Incubator, which offers technical services for sustainable seafood worldwide. She has worked for seafood sustainability for 20 years, starting with wild salmon gillnetters in the Pacific Northwest, near Alaska, and co-founding the Quality Fishing Expo in 1998. As a rural planner, scientist and entrepreneur she has contributed to oyster farming and processing, new commercial fisheries and co-management institutions, and to help seafood supply chains produce more sustainable products. Nakamura operated sushi bars and traded wild salmon before obtaining a doctorate looking into the private sector's stake in sustainable seafood. Today she provides technical back up to seafood companies making investments in fishery improvements. In 2011 after preparing estimates of the extent of U.S. seafood imports associated with illegal fishing, Katrina was asked to look into the extent of trafficking on fishing boats. She looked in and did not look away. With support from Humanity United, Katrina led the development of the Labor Safe Screen to help seafood businesses to tackle forced and trafficked labour in supply chains. Currently Katrina advises seafood companies and NGOs on showing due diligence and investing in real progress on these complex issues.