S. Hoyt Peckham

Speaker-Sustainability Across the Border

S. Hoyt Peckham is Director of SmartFish, a nonprofit social enterprise based in La Paz, México, that provides incentives for more-sustainable artisanal fishing. Before founding SmartFish, Peckham led Proyecto Caguama, partnering with fishers, managers, and scientists from Mexico, Japan, and the Indo-Pacific region to reduce bycatch of ocean wildlife while maintaining fisher's livelihoods. Combining participatory research with social marketing, Peckham and colleagues empowered fishermen and other stakeholders to spare thousands of endangered sea turtles per year in Mexico and Japan. Throughout his career, his experiences as a captain, diver, fisherman, and underwater cameraman have contributed to his effectiveness in developing community-based conservation solutions in the northwest Atlantic, the Caribbean, Polynesia, Mexico, and Japan. Peckham is a visiting fellow at Stanford University's Center for Ocean Solutions, a member of the IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group, a technical expert for the U.N. Environment Program, and an international consultant on improving the sustainability of artisanal fisheries. Peckham majored in biology and English literature at Bowdoin College in Maine and earned his doctorate in evolutionary ecology at the University of California, Santa Cruz.