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Special Access Group Tour

We’ll make sure your group gets the VIP treatment from the moment your guests arrive. Our expert guides will lead your group through the Aquarium to explore our most popular exhibits and then take them to exclusive areas behind the scenes to see how the magic is created. Come hear our favorite animal stories and find out how we care for more than 35,000 plants and animals. Learn how to care for a jelly, what it takes to make a home for a shark, and how we grow a living kelp forest.


6 and up
All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


45 minutes


By appointment only and subject to availability.

10:30 a.m. daily
3:30 p.m. daily
Pre-opening or post-closing option


  • Rates do not include Aquarium admission.
$170 1–12 Guests ($290 if before or after hours)
$340 13–24 Guests ($580 if before or after hours)
$510 25–36 Guests ($870 if before or after hours)
$680 37–48 Guests ($1,160 if before or after hours)


Please call our Sales & Reservation Center Monday through Friday at 831.647.6886 or email for more information, reservations or cancellations. Please provide a minimum of two weeks advance reservation. Payment is due at the time the reservation is placed. No refunds within 72 hours of tour. Tour fee does not include Aquarium admission.