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Arrival Notification Hotline

In order to provide your group with an efficient check-in experience, we ask that 10 minutes prior to your arrival you call our notification hotline staff at (831) 647-2350, and we'll send a Guest Ambassador to greet you.

Tour Operator Information

The following information will help you maximize your group's Aquarium experience. For more information about the programs or options, e-mail us.

Photo Requests

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The Aquarium was designed to resemble the sardine cannery that once occupied the site on historic Cannery Row.
Giant Pacific octopus
Meet a brainy and beautiful giant Pacific octopus in our Ocean's Edge galleries.
Kelp Forest
The Aquarium's three-story Kelp Forest is the centerpiece of the Ocean's Edge galleries.
Tube anemones
Tube anemones are on display in the Ocean's Edge galleries.
Underwater Explorers
Kids get suited up to become "Underwater Explorers" during a summer program at the Aquarium.
Green sea turtles
Come face-to-face with young green sea turtles in our Open Sea exhibit.
Black sea nettle
Black sea nettles, one of the colorful species featured in the Open Sea galleries.
Sea otter
Watch charismatic sea otters on exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.